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Action for our Riverscapes.

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About the Western Sussex Rivers Trust

We're the Rivers Trust for Western Sussex, a team striving to protect and restore resilient, vibrant riverscapes for wildlife and people. From the bold sweeping Arun in the east to the precious Ems in the west, we care for our rivers and the landscapes with which they are entwined - our riverscapes.

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Discover our riverscapes

Find out more about the rivers and streams in Western Sussex and some of the incredible wildlife they support.


Wild Lives

Discover some of the incredible creatures you can find in or near our rivers. From wiggly eels to swooping eagles, this precious habitat is home to an array of stunning wildlife.


Our Projects

From hedge planting to sluice removal, citizen science to saving black poplars, restoring ancient channels to revitalising chalk streams, and inspiring kids to creating climate resilient playgrounds....there's a lot happening for our rivers!


Latest news

All the latest happenings from the world of WSRT.

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Action for our riverscapes