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What we do

Striving to protect and restore resilient, vibrant riverscapes for wildlife and people.

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We’re a small but passionate team, packed with knowledge, experience and, most importantly, a strong love for rivers and wildlife.

Working closely with partners across our catchment area, our focus is on working collaboratively to help improve river health, enabling the wildlife who live here to thrive, and ultimately ensuring these precious habitats are here for generations to enjoy.

In a nutshell we:

  • Apply a Catchment Based Approach, focussing on partnerships across sectors throughout the whole of the riverscape. 

  • Monitor water quality and quantity, and deliver projects directly which enhance habitats for wildlife and the enjoyment of rivers for people.

  • Engage with a huge range of local people, businesses, community groups and farmers groups.

Rivers Trusts

We’re proud to be part of the national family of Rivers Trusts - with 65 regional trusts looking after river catchments across the country. Find out more about our umbrella organisation - The Rivers Trust. Or check out the wonderful work done by our neighbouring trusts:

The Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust

South East Rivers Trust

Wessex Rivers Trust

What is a riverscape?

A river catchment, or riverscape, is the area of land through which water from any form of precipitation (such as rain, melting snow or ice) drains into the river.

In order to achieve our vision, we work with partners operating in, on and around the rivers. From the source of our rivers to the sea - across towns, cities, countryside and coast – a healthy riverscape is essential to all of us. It means better places to live, where people and wildlife thrive together. 

What is a Catchment Based Approach (CaBa)?

CaBA is an inclusive, community-led initiative that works in partnership with Government, Local Authorities, Water Companies, businesses and more, to maximise the natural value of our riverscapes.

CaBA partnerships are actively working in all 100+ river catchments across England and Wales, directly supporting the achievement of many of the targets under the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan.

The Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) embeds collaborative working at a riverscape scale, delivering a range of environmental, social and economic benefits and protecting our precious water for the benefit of us all.

Our Projects

Find out more about what we’re working on now on Our Projects page, or discover a host of case studies detailing previous work on our Success Stories page.

If you or your organisation have an idea on how we might be able to help you improve your local river please get in touch to see how we can help.

To support and guide any of our work we undertake a range of river monitoring and surveys, assessing habitat and water quality, and looking for invasive non-native species (INNS). You can find out more about invasive species and all the other challenges our rivers face on our River Emergency page.

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