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River Guardians

Water quality monitoring to safeguard our precious rivers

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Does the thought of spending a couple of hours on a riverbank spotting wildlife and helping nature fill your heart with joy?

Then sign up now to become a River Guardian!

Led by our fantastic Citizen Scientists, our River Guardians initiative focuses on monitoring the water quality of our precious rivers. The data collected from these surveys helps us to identify pollution and act quickly to help prevent further damage to these special habitats.

High phosphate in the Lavant chalk stream

Regular water quality data gives us a better picture of what is happening in and around our rivers. This information enables us to work with local landowners and organisations to devise a plan to create positive transformations for rivers within West Sussex and Hampshire.

You will be given all of the equipment and training you will need to accurately carry out water quality monitoring on your dedicated river section.

Our River Guardians monitor chemical indicators such as phosphates, nitrates, turbidity, total dissolved solids and temperature. You will also be asked to make observations on visible pollution, wildlife sightings and river characteristics.

Collecting a meaningful long-term set of data will help guide decision making and enable positive changes for our river systems. This is a big deal and something that we cannot achieve without our team of passionate volunteers.

If you would like to get involved, have a read through our Water Quality Monitoring Handbook at the link below and email Keir at to sign up.

River Guardians WQ Monitoring Handbook

Explore the map below to see where surveys are taking place in our catchment area.

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