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Our Rivers

Our riverscape covers an area of 1,490 square kilometres, criss-crossed by sweeping grand rivers and babbling chalk streams.

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Our Rivers


The River Arun

From grand and imposing castles to internationally important wetlands, the Arun has shaped its riverscape for both people and wildlife.


The Western Rother

A tributary of the Arun, home to a wealth of wildlife and some of the best sites to get close to our rivers.


The River Ems

Locally precious and globally unique, the Ems is a chalk stream, a rare and special habitat to cherish.


The River Lavant

Chalk streams have been described as our equivalent of the Great Barrier Reef. The Lavant is one such chalk stream, modest in size but of immeasurable importance.


The Western Streams

Our coastal streams, or rifes as they are known here in Sussex, arise from the chalk hills of the downs. Together with many brooks and channels they wind their way through the coastal towns and into the sea.


River Emergency

We are all aware of the climate emergency and crashing biodiversity. Our rivers are facing an existential crisis too, blighted by how we live today.


Wild Lives

With our Wildlife Guides you can read the stories of iconic species native to our local area.

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Action for our riverscapes