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Wild Lives

Discover some of the incredible creatures you can find in or near to the rivers. From wriggly eels to swooping eagles, this precious habitat is a home for an array of stunning wildlife.

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European Eels: An epic journey of transformation

Swimming against colossal tides, morphing more than once in their own skin and living out their lives in our humble rivers.


White-tailed Sea Eagles: Giants in our Skies

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s definitely a bird, but it’s huge… That’ll be a White-tailed Sea Eagle then!


Otters: The elusive carnivore

Have you ever seen an otter? Maybe you’ve heard a big splash while down by a river bank and wondered if it might just have been one of these furry critters.


Seahorses: River effects from source to sea

River effects from source to sea - how the quality of our rivers is vital for our iconic marine wildlife.


Dragonflies: The unseen story

An unseen life cycle underwater in our rivers.

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